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Establishing a cohesive tone and voice in storytelling throughout all of a company's or brand's collateral is no small feat. AE&Co can help identify your message and tell it to your audience in a unique and recognizable style.


Just need some touching up? Whether you're looking for developmental editing, copyediting, document formatting, or proofreading, AE&Co is here to help in the process of publication from the first draft to the printer.


Like creating a voice for a company, having a visual style aids in recognition and overall reputation of a brand. AE&Co can offer style guides and design templates for everything from newsletters and emails, to websites and brochures.


About AE&Co

Hello and welcome! 


My name is Anne Elizabeth (a.k.a. Annie), let me tell you a bit about me. . . 

Born of a side-gig while chasing a "real career," I started AE&Co while working various roles in education. From teacher to program coordinator to project manager, in these positions I was constantly using my formal studies in English, communications, and leadership to organize not only my students and internal teams, but the messaging that went to our external communities. I could see firsthand that the way educational institutions were marketing and communicating with prospective clients and students was changing quickly with their natively-digital upcoming students. With my natural attention to detail and knack for language, I was always volunteering to write collateral, edit newsletters, publish blog posts, and more.  

Partnering with the American Bar Association (ABA) further expanded my reach and repertoire, and I soon found myself collaborating with others on content creation, research, editing, and more. I now have an archive of projects spanning from researching and writing white papers for non-profits, to copyediting multi-volume legal reference books, to developing newsletter designs and templates, and everything in between. 

From a publishing/editing standpoint, I am comfortable working with multiple style guides including: Chicago, APA, MLA, AP, and Bluebook (for legal citations). I have also developed and worked with in-house style guides. In 2015 I graduated from the Denver Publishing Institute, which is a 4-week, graduate-level program designed to immerse students in the world of publishing, editing, marketing, and production. 

While I'm not an English teacher anymore, I learned invaluable lessons from my time in the classroom (and hopefully taught a couple, too!). And truthfully, I use so much of my teacher training every day—both professionally and personally—through relationship building, project management, and tackling problems with creative solutions. 

On a personal note, I like looking for ways to get outside and explore. I volunteer at a horse rescue where duties include mucking stalls, throwing hay, and grooming. And more often than not, my weekends are spent on a hike with my pup (whose name is Emerson, after Ralph Waldo) and a hammock and book packed in my backpack. We can also be found playing volleyball or frisbee in a park, soaking up the sun on a coffeeshop or brewery patio, or just enjoying a podcast on the couch. 

Technical Products & Skills: 

  • Standard copy/editing markup

  • Microsoft 365

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Google Workspace

  • WordPress

  • Salesforce

  • Asana

  • Jira

  • Programming: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS



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